Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
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Will your concrete truck fit?

Our concrete trucks are approximately 11 ft 6 inches high, 8 ft wide, and 28 ft long. Our drivers are great but keep in mind they cannot drive through alleyways or between buildings with only an inch clearance on each side. Have an alternate plan in case we cannot get our concrete truck where you had hoped to.

How far from the truck can you get the concrete?

We can get concrete approximately 15 ft from the back tires of the concrete truck, if the concrete is going on the ground. If it is going into a wheel barrow, or porch, we can only reach 8-10 ft from the back tires.

How much time do I get to unload?

We allow 15 minutes per meter of concrete used and then charge $120/hr extra time billed by the minute. If you anticipate needing extra time, we would greatly appreciate the notice in advance to prevent over booking our services.

How many wheelbarrows per meter of concrete?

There are approximately 15-16 wheelbarrows per cubic meter of concrete.

I don't want to wheelbarrow the concrete, is there any other way to get the concrete to my back yard?

You can rent a power buggy (a motorized buggy with a dump) from SMS rents (//, battlefield rentals (//, or Hercs (//, for approximately $200 a day.

If you need to get your concrete into a hard to reach place then you will need a concrete pump truck. Rates for pump trucks are approximately $200 per hour with a minimum 4 hour charge. Call dispatch to get a specific quote for your job (905) 560 5557.

How much concrete do I need?

Use our volume calculator to answer that!

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