Why StrongWall Commercial Block?

There are many benefits and features to StrongWall’s Commercial Block. These monolithic poured blocks feature a smooth face and chamfered edge. They are great for any project that requires extra mass and for building a straight uniform retaining wall. At StrongWall, we ensure that every block that leaves our site is in perfect condition and ready to use. Our concrete is mixed specifically for your block order. You never have to worry about broken pieces or delayed projects. We also offer competitive pricing for the highest-quality products.


Size: 5’ x 2.5’ x 2’.5
Area: 12.5’ square feet of face (per block)
Approx. Weight: 4500 lbs
Look & Finish: Smooth face with chamfered edge

Commercial Block Benefits

  • Smooth Face with chamfered edge
  • Never made from leftover concrete
  • One monolithic pour
  • Uniform shape and size
  • No need for specific corner pieces
  • Great for constructing material bins or Quonset Huts

Commercial Block Features

  • 25 MPa and 4-7% Air-entrainment
  • A engineered recessed lifting hook makes blocks safe to lift and easy to stack
  • These heavy blocks are great for a project where extra mass is needed
  • Blocks stack straight up, with no setback.
  • Easy to make corners (just turn one block 90 degrees) and continue building

Typical Uses

  • Waterfront Walls
  • Heavy Load Retaining Walls
  • Material Bins
  • Quonset Huts

Commercial Block Price Guide

A 60 x 30 x 30
Standard Block
4500 lbs $229.00
B 60 x 30 x 30
Flat Top Block
4500 lbs $235.00
C 30 x 30 x 30
Half Block
2250 lbs $185.00
D 30 x 30 x 30
Half Flat Top Block
2250 lbs $185.00
E 60 x 15 x 30
Cap Block
2250 lbs $185.00
F 30 x 15 x 30
Half Cap Block
1125 lbs $165.00
G 30 x 30 x 60
End Block
3500 lbs $249.00
H 60 x 30 x 60
Double Block
9000 lbs $459.00
I 84 x 42 x 18
Counter Weight
5230 lbs $450.00