Concrete Products

Standard concrete mixes from 15 MPa to over 35MPa with air entrainment and plasticizer.

These are your typical concrete mixes used for basement floors, garage floors, driveways, walkways, patios, porches, footings, walls and any other traditional concrete needs. Each application requires a different concrete strength.

See our FAQs Page to see what concrete strength your project requires or give us a call 905-560-5557.

Exposed Aggregate

We have a beautiful multicolored pea stone aggregate we put in the concrete instead of the traditional 19mm limestone. This allows the finisher to peel away the top layer of cement and expose the pea stone. Exposed aggregate is used mostly for driveways, walkways, patios and pool sides. Exposed aggregate techniques can also be used on vertical surfaces such as decorative walls and sound barriers.

Colour Additives

Integral Colour – Dry colour additives can be added to your concrete mix to give your project its own beautiful look. Check out our colour chart. Add link.


Colour hardeners come as a powder that is thrown on top of freshly placed concrete and then worked into the surface with a float or trowel. This only colours the surface of the concrete. This type of colour can be purchased from Trombetta construction materials (905-544-0803) or Vieira Concrete Supply (905-544-7088).

Fiber mesh reinforcement

Fiber mesh is very fine pieces of nylon that are added to the concrete mix. Fiber mesh creates a better surface bond. It reduces the formation of plastic shrinkage cracks in concrete. Fiber mesh is a multi-dimensional reinforcement that improves impact, shatter and abrasion resistance of concrete. It enhances durability and toughness. Fiber mesh should not be used to replace wire mesh.


A non corrosive accelerator can be added to your concrete mix. The addition of accelerator speeds the setting time of the concrete; thus curing time starts earlier. This product will give your concrete increased early and ultimate strengths. Accelerator combined with proper cold weather concrete techniques will allow concrete to be placed in below freezing temperatures.

Flowable Fill/Unshrinkable fill

Is a mixture of aggregates, cementing material and water, with or without chemical admixtures, that hardens into a material with higher strength than soil but less than 0.4 Mpa compressive strength at 28 days that can be removed with hand tools.

Unshrinkable fill is used for:

  • Backfill: Sewer trenches, utility trenches, bridge abutments, conduit encasements, pile excavations, retaining walls, and road cuts.
  • Structural Fill: Foundation sub base, subfooting, floor slab base, pavement base, and conduit bedding.
  • Other Uses: To fill in abandoned mines, underground storage tanks, wells, tunnels, sewers, basements, voids under pavement, and erosion control.

Grout/Dry Pack

Grout and dry pack is a concrete mixture containing only fine aggregates (sand), cement and water(chemical additives may be added). dry pack is a very dry mix used to level floors prior to tiling. Grout is similar to dry pack but contains more water and is commonly used for pool bottoms.

Pump Mixes

We work with concrete pumping companies to get your concrete to those hard-to-reach places. If you need a pump call or dispatch and we can organize the concrete and pump for you.

Remote location capabilities

If you require large amounts of concrete at remote location we can bring a cement silo, loader and materials directly to your sight or nearby location and meet your concrete needs.

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