Separate Material Compartments

All the components (ingredients) of concrete; the stone, sand, cement, water and ad-mixes are loaded into separate containers on the truck and delivered to your jobsite. These components are then metered and mixed on site into fresh concrete the way you want through our mobile mixers.

Proportioning System

Adjustable controls meter the correct quantity of sand and stone for a given mix design.
Cement is added at a constant rate. An adjustable flow valve accurately meters the quantity of water added to the mix. Liquid ad-mix systems add the required quantities of admixture (accelerators, air entraining agents, etc.) to the concrete mix at the point where mixing begins.

Material Flow

The specially designed conveyor carries the stone and sand to the mixing auger at the rear of the unit where the required amount of water is added.


All materials are thoroughly mixed in the auger to produce high-quality concrete. This process allows for perfect mixing, completely distributing ingredients throughout the entire mix with optimum uniformity.


The quantity of concrete produced is calculated by a meter which also assists in the calibration of the mixer.


  • No more over ordering concrete or grout
  • Only pay for concrete used
  • No need to worry about concrete drying on route or onsite for those slow pours
  • High quality product with air entrainment and Platicizers giving the concrete great workability with little bleed water
  • No slag or fly ash used, concrete is workable and strong
  • Both concrete strength and slump can be changed higher or lower as needed on site.