Are deliveries "curbside" only?

You will be required to sign the following Waiver.


1. PERMISSION TO ENTER. I (the contractor, customer or homeowner) have the authorization from the property owner to allow your vehicle on this property. I (the Contractor, customer, or homeowner) accept all responsibility for any damage or liability that may arise to the property or Stoney Creek Ready Mix personal and equipment.

This includes but not limited to:
Cracked or damaged sidewalks (city or private) and driveways.
Oil stains or spills that may occur.
Damage to any dwelling, east troughs or windows.

If Stoney Creek Ready Mix requires a tow truck, I will pay the charges of that tow and any standby time charges.

Will your concrete truck fit?

Our concrete trucks are approximately 12 ft Tall, 9 ft wide, and 28 ft long. Our drivers are great but keep in mind they cannot drive through alleyways or between buildings with only an inch clearance on each side. Have an alternate plan in case we cannot get our concrete truck where you had hoped to.

How far from the truck can you get the concrete?

We can get concrete approximately 18 ft from the back tires of the concrete truck on to the ground. If it is going into a wheelbarrow, or porch, we can only reach 8-10 ft from the back tires. We CAN NOT shoot over fences or onto raised loading docks.

How much time do I get to unload?

We allow 15 minutes per meter of concrete used and then charge $180/hr and $240/hr after 5pm and on Saturdays. Extra time is billed by the minute. If you anticipate needing extra time, we would greatly appreciate the notice in advance to prevent over booking our services.


Can I add color to the concrete?

Colour hardeners come as a powder that is thrown on top of freshly placed concrete and then worked into the surface with a float or trowel. This only colours the surface of the concrete. This type of colour can be purchased from Vieira Concrete Supply vieiraconcrete.com (905-544-7088) or Form and Build formandbuild.com (905-388-2758).

Integral Colour is added to the concrete mix and colours the entire concrete mix. Integral colour cost $40-$160/m depending on the colour plus a $120 colour washout charge.

Our Colour Chart can be seen here or a physical copy can be picked up from our office. Not all colours are stocked so a week’s notice would be ideal.

Colour variations can be expected due to job conditions, cement finishing techniques, use of sealers and slight raw material colour drifts. Due to the natural source materials in cement and handcrafted nature of imprinted concrete, variations are acceptable and desirable.

To obtain best results use low water to cement ratio (less than 4? slump). Higher water to cement ratio will result in “washed out” Colour. DO NOT vary water to cement ratio when using Colour. DO NOT use chloride admixtures. DO NOT add water to surface or tools while finishing. Always seal Coloured concrete surfaces.


What is your cancellation policy?

No charge on cancellation with more then 24hrs notice. $250 fee for cancellation with less then 24hrs notice. If there is rain in the forecast the day of your pour please leave a voicemail before 6am cancelling your job and there will be no cancellation fee.

Do I pay for what I use?

We charge by the quarter meter with a tolerance of 1/2m^3 more or less from your original order. This will give you a 1 meter window to get your order accuracy with in.

For example if you order 5 cubic meters you can use between 4.5m and 5.5m and pay for what you use. If you use less then 4.5m the bill will be for 4.5m. We do not charge a disposal fee or force you to take the remaining balance of concrete. If you need more then 5.5m We will do our best to get you the additional material, the additional concrete will be billed at a premium.

How many wheelbarrows per meter of concrete?

There are approximately 15-16 wheelbarrows per cubic meter of concrete.

I don't want to wheelbarrow the concrete, is there any other way to get the concrete into my backyard?

You can rent a concrete power buggy (imagine a gas powered shopping cart with a hydraulic dump) from any equipment rental place. Ex Stephensons rental

A concrete pump truck can be used to get your concrete into hard to reach places. Rates for pump trucks are approximately $250 per hour with a minimum 4-hour charge. Hourly charge includes travel time to and from the jobsite, set up time and tear down time. If you require a pump for your project, call us and we can schedule one for you. This is in addition to all charges associated with the concrete delivery.

How much concrete do I need?

Use our volume calculator to answer that!